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Since always ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Story

The Company was established in Acquanegra Cremonese in 1932 by Clemente Calza, following a long managing experience in various dairies for Polenghi-Lombardo, started producing cheese rennet and cheese trade. In 1970 his son Danilo took over the family business and decided to discard the cheese trade, dedicating solely on the production of paste rennet.

Always aiming at the high quality of his products, Danilo Calza, in time, consolidates the family business as leader in Europe in the production of paste rennet. Today we boast as our clients the most important producers of tasty and spicy cheeses.

In 1996 the company was turned into an S.r.l. (Ltd) and in 2000 renovates it’s production facilities by moving to a new plant where all the sanitary standards are implemented, allowing the ISO 9001 quality certification to be obtained the following year.

New Headquarters

Our company widens its horizons by looking to new markets. Besides paste rennet, it starts producing and marketing a wide range of ingredients for the dairy industry worldwide. From enzymes to preservatives. From starter cultures to additives and aromas. Soon the new facility becomes too small to keep up with the company’s growth.

In 2016 we ultimate the construction of a larger plant which joins the existing one thus reaching the goal of doubling production capacity and create a new image for the brand on the international scene. A modern and functional facility allowing the non-animal based products to have a dedicated space in the production chain.

Who we are today

Besides the ISO 9001 quality certification, Calza Clemente is certified FSSC 22000 and among its products it makes available to the increasingly international clientele a Kosher certified line and a Halal certified line.
2016 was not only the year for structural implementation. From its starting days in the 70’s as a small artisan reality, it has turned into a small-business reality with solid technical and organizational foundations, going one-step further towards its own consolidation. 2016 also sees the establishment of a board of directors. The Board replaces the sole director and resolves an important increase in the share capital: a clear sign of strength and solidity which adequately reflects the hard work that the Calza family have done over the years to make the family activity an industrial reality capable of looking to future projects with a sense of security and awareness.
Among the projects realized the creation of a modern internal analytical laboratory able to support the production and research and development sector from a technical and qualitative point of view. The opening of a subsidiary in Brazil – BIOLEITE – a bet on one of the most promising markets on the international scene. The inauguration of an application laboratory able to reproduce in a small scale the production of some of the most dairy products (in collaboration with Klimedia srl).

Today the company turn to an international market with the production and trade of a wide range of ingredients for the dairy industry.
Besides paste rennet, we produce and trade in all countries – you may find our distributors in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America – rennet of all types, enzymes, preservatives, ferments, additives and aromas. High quality products are not Calza Clemente’s only strength: we offer our clients much, much more.
Through a careful analysis of every clients’ needs, our team, which makes use of the collaboration of the best international technicians and cheesemakers, is able to create tailor-made solutions for all types of productions.